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Astor on eve of poll 1919

Nancy Astor wrote this letter to the Prime Minister, David Lloyd George, a few days before the poll for her by-election in Plymouth Sutton in November 1919. She expresses hope for her success, and signs the letter 'Nancy Astor MP(erhaps)'

Astor on eve of poll


[11 November 1919]

Catalogue number

Parliamentary Archives, LG/F/2/7/19


Dear Mr PM, If I win - and I feel that I am - it will be a vote of confidence in you - I have brought You forward in my campaign and the papers dare not put it in. They don't put in what they don't like - I am most grateful to you for yr charming letters & it is of the greatest help. I must say I am amazed at my self - I did not think I could do it - I actually never lose my temper where the most Bolshie of heckles are present. Be kind to me for I shall need it all - I have stuck to my principles alone & have not made one single election promise! Love to [names]' & you all Sincerely, Nancy Astor MP(erhaps)