Conservative women MPs on the Terrace

Conservative women MPs on the Terrace
  • Title: Photograph of Women MPs on the House of Commons Terrace

  • Date : 4 November 1931

  • Catalogue number : Parliamentary Archives HL/PO/RO/1/188

  • Description :

    Before her election, Nancy Astor had never been a suffragist, but the nation’s women quickly viewed her as the ‘MP for Women’, sending her 2-3000 letters a week. Taking on a culture of insidious sexism and often outright resentment, she spent almost two years as the only woman in the House of Commons. She supported welfare reforms, equal voting rights and access to the professions for women. She was also supportive of other female MPs, regardless of political party.

    She is pictured here with other Conservative women MPs after the 1931 general election. Back Row: Nancy Astor, Helen Shaw, Mavis Tate, Thelma Cazalet, Sarah Ward, Ida Copeland, Florence Horsburgh.  Front row: Norah Runge, Lady Iveagh, Duchess of Atholl, Irene Ward, Mary Pickford.

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