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The Removal of the Grille

In May 1917, the London Society for Women's Suffrage sent a petition asking for the removal of the Ladies' Gallery Grille to Sir Alfred Mond, First Commissioner for Works. By this time the politics of women's suffrage had moved on; the Speaker's Conference on Electoral Reform had recommended votes for some women in January, and these recommendations went into the Representation of the People Bill now progressing through the Commons.

On 19 June 1917 the Commons passed clause 4 of the Bill, giving votes to women over the age of 30 who met minimum property qualification; although it still had to pass through the House of Lords, the Commons had made their decision. Following this, as the Bill continued to make progress, the House of Commons passed a separate resolution authorising expenditure of £5 for the removal of the Grille on 15 August 1917. The Grille was duly removed on 23 August 1917.