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The Grille in Central Lobby

Following a resolution of the House of 15 August, the Grille was removed from the Ladies' Gallery on 23 August 1917. There was much interest in what would happen to the Grille, and it was decided that the panels should be utilised 'in a dignified manner' somewhere in Parliament where they could be readily seen. In October the majority of the Grille panels were placed in the windows around Central Lobby, and a plaque placed there to record where they had come from.

The plaque, which can be seen by visitors to Parliament today, reads: 'The brass screens now in the windows of this hall once formed the Grille fixed in the Ladies Gallery of the House of Commons. They were removed on the 23rd August 1917 pursuant to the vote passed by the House on 15 August 1917. The Right. Hon. Sir Alfred Mond, Bart, First Commissioner of Works. Oct 1917.'