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Holloway medal awarded to Emmeline Pankhurst

The date engraved on the medal, 8 October 1908, is the date of the action which led to her imprisonment.  On the 8th October Mrs Pankhurst, Christabel Pankhurst and Flora Drummond issued leaflets asking public to join them in rushing Parliament on the 13 October 1908. They also held a large rally in Trafalgar Square where they once again encouraged the public to join them on the 13th.  Although 60,000 people gathered in Parliament Square on the 13th, the three WSPU women were not there as they were evading arrest.  The next day all three women were charged with inciting a rush on the House of Commons. They were found guilty, and following their refusal to pay the fine, were sent to prison.

Obverse: bar at top of ribbon 'Holloway', bar at bottom of ribbon 'Oct 8th 08, the medal H.2 4' (Hospital block, 2nd floor, cell 4) and silver mark (London 1908).