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This cartoon, published in 'Truth' magazine in December 1913, uses the forcible feeding of suffragettes to illustrate various issues that the Liberal Government was facing in 1913. The suffragette is probably supposed to represent Emmeline Pankhurst, who was repeatedly arrested that year under the Cat and Mouse Act, and had a high media profile.
Presiding over proceedings is the Prime Minister, H. H. Asquith. The other figures represented include: David Lloyd George, the Chancellor (Insurance tax); John Redmond, leader of the Irish National Party in Parliament (Home Rule); Edward Carson (Ulsteria); Reginald McKenna, the Home Secretary (Mental Deficiency); Ramsay MacDonald, leader of the Parliamentary Labour Party (Strikes); Kier Hardie (Socialism); Joseph Chamberlain (Imperial Preference); Winston Churchill, 1st Lord of the Admiralty (Dreadnoughts); Andrew Bonar Law, Conservative party leader (Tariff Reform); and Field Marshal Lord Roberts (Conscription).