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Research papers

Women in Parliament: a guide to the history of women's participation in Parliament and their representation in the historical collections (April 2015)

The History of the Parliamentary Franchise: House of Commons Library research paper

Women in the House of Commons: Commons Library Standard Note

Women Members of Parliament: Commons Library Standard Note (August 2015)

Women in the House of Lords: Lords Library Note (June 2015)

House of Commons Library research papers on elections

House of Commons Library note on Women in Parliament and Government (PDF) (June 2015)

Online sources

Bibliographic database from the Inter-Parliamentary Union

Portal for research into and sources for Women's History

Historic Hansard

Search the Offical Report of all the debates in Parliament that took place between 1803-1805

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Elizabeth Crawford

Campaigning for the Vote

Watch and listen to a talk given in Parliament by suffrage historian Elizabeth Crawford on the women's suffrage organiser Kate Parry Frye