The Right to Vote

Birmingham petitions

Record of petitions received by Parliament in favour of women's enfranchisement, 1910

Petitions were another way for the women and men of Birmingham to attempt to influence Parliament in favour of women’s suffrage.

Birmingham branches and personalities

Ticket for talk by Emmeline Pankhurst, organised by Women's Social and Political Union, Birmingham Archives and Heritage

Birmingham was very active in the women’s suffrage movement. It had local branches of major groups such as the National Society for Women’s Suffrage and the Women’s Social and Political Union.

Suffragette acts in Birmingham

Newspaper cutting relating to a suffragette action in Birmingham, from Birmingham Archives and Heritage

The Birmingham branch of the militant Women’s Social and Political Union were active in the area throughout the period of their existence.

Winson Green force feeding

Detail from Winson Green Visiting Commitee investigation into force feeding of suffragettes, PS/B/4/5/1/3, Birmingham Archives and Heritage

Hunger striking was an important propaganda tool for imprisoned suffragettes. Winson Green prison, Birmingham, was one of the first prisons in the country to practise force feeding.

Birmingham and the Equal Franchise

Newspaper cutting discussing Birmingham and the equal franchise

The 1918 Representation of the People Act and the Equal Franchise Act of 1928 brought equal voting rights to the women of Birmingham.