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About the Birmingham case study

Groups from Birmingham have been working with Parliamentary Archives, Parliamentary Outreach and Birmingham Archives and Heritage to look at the history of the right to vote.

This case study looks at Birmingham's influence on and links with the women's suffrage movement in the twentieth century.  It is the result of investigations by young people living in Birmingham who worked with Parliamentary Archives and Birmingham Archives and Heritage as part of the People and Parliament: Connecting with Communities project.

Through exploring records held both at Birmingham Archives and Heritage and Parliamentary Archives, our groups found that Birmingham had strong links with the women's suffrage, and particularly the suffragette, movement.  To find out more, please explore this case study and watch the film created by the group, which is available on YouTube. 

A second case study by another Birmingham group explores the area's links with the movement for electoral reform in the nineteenth century.  To see more on this topic, please also have a look at the case study.