Thomas Attwood and the Birmingham Political Union

Thomas Attwood

Thomas Attwood, a Birmingham resident, was deeply influential in the early nineteenth century reform movement.

Birmingham Political Union

Portrait of Thomas Attwood from printed report of a Grand Dinner held in his honour.  Birmingham Archives and Heritage.

The Birmingham Political Union ‘of the Lower and Middle Classes of the People’, founded by Thomas Attwood, played an instrumental role in the electoral reform movement.

Reform and the Birmingham connection

Engraving of the Gathering of the Unions, New Hall Hill, Birmingham, May 1832.  Birmigham Archives and Heritage.

Birmingham people made an important contribution to the passage of the 1832 Reform Act.

1832 Reform Act

The passage of the 1832 Reform Act, Works of Art 0920

The Reform Act was finally passed on 4 June 1832. Find out about its impact on Birmingham.