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Early life and election to Parliament

Charles Grey was born at Fallodon, Northumberland, on 13 March 1764. He had four brothers and two sisters. Grey was born into a long-established family based at Howick Hall, Northumberland. As a young man he was educated at Richmond School, Eton, and later, the University of Cambridge. There he developed his public speaking skills, developing a speaking manner that would later become his trademark in Parliament.

Election to Parliament

On 14 September 1786, aged just 22, Charles Grey was elected to Parliament as MP for Northumberland. He gave his maiden speech on 21 February 1787, criticising William Pitt's commercial treaty with France. This speech left a strong impression at the time, marking him as a strong opposition force. He became a part of the Whig circle which included Charles James Fox, and soon became one of the major figures in the Whig party.

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