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The Sixties Student

‘Revolution and youth are closely allied', the summarisation of writer, Milan Kundera regarding the May 1968 Paris Riots which had been ignited by student agitators. In Britain, the Labour Government questioned whether a similar scenario could happen here?The post-war student was renowned for their conservatism but by the mid-1960s a new breed identified themselves with the international counter-cultural movement. The London School of Economics was considered the most politicized student body staging numerous sit-ins and strikes against an administration faculty they considered reactionary. But in many respects, their idealism was to reform rather than revolutionize.Oxford University was still recognised as more dilettante than divisive unsullied by contemporary events. But former Union President, Tariq Ali had gained notoriety as an activist widely courted by the media. At the time of publication for this student magazine, a future leader of the free world was amongst its readership, that being Bill Clinton who was studying there as part of a scholarship.