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Memorandum by Sir Edward Fellowes

Sir Edward Fellowes (1895-1970) was Clerk of the House between 1954 and 1961. Prior to being appointed to the Clerk's office in 1919 Fellowes had been awarded the military cross for service during the First World War.

Fellowes was a prominent figure in the Assembly of  the Western European Union and from 1956-60 was the President of the World Trade Union of Clerks. This 1958 Memorandum submitted by Fellowes to the Select Committee on Procedure explored mechanical voting systems used by the Parliaments of Belgium, Sweden, Finland and India.

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Select Committee on Procedure, 1958/9: Memorandum by the Clerk of the House


31 October 1958

Catalogue number

Parliamentary Archives HC/CL/CH/2/2/52