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Engrossment of the Official Record of the Trial of King Charles I

The trial of King Charles I began in Westminster Hall on 20 January 1649.  He was accused of governing outside of the law and waging war on Parliament.  Charles was found guilty and on the 27th January was sentenced to death by beheading.  He was executed in Whitehall on 30th January.

In December 1648 the Clerk of the House since 1639, Henry Elsyng, had resigned from his post following his opposition to the actions of the Commons in relation to the King. His successor, Henry Scobell,  was appointed on the 6th January 1649, only days before the trial of the King began. This engrossment of the trial's proceedings, which was originally held by Chancery before being sent to the House of Lords after the Restoration, has a declaration by Scobell at the end.