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Act of 1812 relating to Commons' Offices

The office of the Clerk of the House of Commons was very rarely directly affected by legislation passed by the House. In 1812 an Act was passed concerning the salaries and fees paid to certain officials in the Commons. 

The Act provided that when John Hatsell formally vacated the office of Clerk of the House new arrangements for managing the fees and salaries paid the Clerk should come into effect.  In future the Clerk of the House was to be paid £3000 a year with a further £500 after 5 years. Hatsell, who had effectively retired in 1797, continued to benefit from the old arrangements until his death in 1820.



An Act to repeal an Act passed in the Thirty ninth and Fortieth Year of His present Majesty, for establishing certain Regulations in the Offices of the House of Commons, and to establish other and further Regulations in the said Offices.



Catalogue number

Parliamentary Archives HL/PO/PU/1/1812/52G3n10