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Harry Furniss: Lords Chamber Rumpus

Harry Furniss was a man who knew his own worth, which created a less than harmonious relationship with Punch's editors. Eventually, they parted ways with Furniss using some of his personal income to set up his own magazine titled ‘Lika Joko'. Unfortunately, the new venture did not prove a success and closed after a relatively short period. One of the reasons deemed for its failure was his decision to move away from producing solely political drawings. Stylistically he became enamoured with the culture of Japonisme that was the most contemporary popular trend of the day. This Lika Joko drawing published in the 1890s sees Furniss return to the rough and tumble of life in the Houses of Parliament. Depicting in all manners of rambunctiousness a free-for-all in the House of Lords chamber. The central figure being Prime Minister, Lord Salisbury (see middle left). His foreboding physical appearance and lugubrious features made him fair game for the Victorian satirist.