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Hansard Daily Part (Lords)

When the Official Report was first published in 1909, it appeared in two formats, as a Daily Part and as a Bound Volume. The Daily Part was bound in a blue cover, like those shown here, with small alterations in the cover design as the years passed. The blue covers were used until 1942, when they were replaced with plain paper covers in order to save 6.5 tons of paper a year as part of the war effort. The plain paper cover is still used today. The Speaker agreed to the wartime saving with the proviso that “the blue cover is to be restored as soon as possible after the war”, though it never was.

The name of Hansard does not appear on the front cover of these Daily Parts. “Hansard” was first added to the title of 'Parliamentary Debates' in 1829, 17 years after TC Hansard senior took over William Cobbett's parliamentary reporting business, but was dropped in 1892, three years after the Hansard family's association with the work ended. The name was added again in 1943, and appears in brackets after the title imposed in 1909, 'Official Report'; it continues to appear in this way.