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George Bussy, Parliamentary reporter

This photograph shows George Bussy, who was from a well-known parliamentary reporting family, as is recorded in 'Newspaper Reporting in Olden Time and To-Day' by John Pendleton (1890): “It is very seldom that you find more than one member of a family engaged in reporting. The Bussys furnish a striking exception to the rule. No one who has done gallery work during the last five-and-twenty or thirty years is unacquainted with one or more members of this reporting family. George, Henry, and Bernard Bussy are all marvellously accurate note-takers, and are known far and wide as among the ablest men that London has ever produced.” His obituary mourned the disappearance of “the well-known figure of good-humoured George Bussy” from the parliamentary Press Gallery, where he had worked for 30 years, when Reuters took over the contract for parliamentary reporting. He died in early 1892. Frederick Moir Bussy, who died in 1922 aged 64, edited the 'Parliamentary Debates' in the early 1890s.

The photograph is from the same album as the photograph of T C Hansard.