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Contemporary context

Modern parliamentary communications are constantly evolving.

Citizens can now interact directly with the legislative process via eConsultations on Parliament's website, while content about both Houses on the YouTube, flickr and Twitter (@UKParliament, @HouseofCommons and @UKHouseofLords) websites has assisted Parliament in reaching new audiences.

Television coverage of Parliament has also broadened and online access to footage of both Houses has been made more easily available through a new website. The range of shots allowed in the Chambers has been widened, and broadcasters can now film in the Central Lobby. Press officers for committees and Parliament itself, meanwhile, continually communicate with journalists and public enquiry services respond to queries from the public.

On Friday 29 July 2011, the Leader of the House of Commons announced that “public petitions which secure the backing of 100,000 signatures will be eligible for debate in Parliament through a newly launched website”. The website went live on 4 August 2011. 


Page last updated August 2015.