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John and Christopher Wright


John Wright was born in 1568 and his brother Christopher Wright probably two years later in 1570. Both of them went to St Peter's School in York, which Guy Fawkes also attended.

The Wrights' sister, Martha, was married to Thomas Percy. The brothers also knew Robert Catesby well - John, especially, was close to him.

The authorities saw the Wright brothers as dangerous Catholics, although it is possible that John was not converted until 1601.

Both of them were arrested under suspicion of conspiracy against the Queen in 1596 and, like Catesby and Tresham, they were involved in the Essex rebellion in 1601, and imprisoned.

They were jailed again as a preventive measure when Elizabeth was dying in early 1603.

John was the first to be initiated into Catesby's plans. Christopher was drawn into the plot later. After the discovery, both fled London with Catesby and both were killed with him at Holbeach in Staffordshire.


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