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1604 - September 1605

20 May 1604

Meeting of Catesby, Thomas Winter, John Wright, Thomas Percy and Guy Fawkes in the Duck and Drake in the Strand, London, where Catesby proposes the attack on the opening of Parliament

24 May 1604

Thomas Percy leases a small house next to the House of Lords Chamber

9 June1604

Percy is appointed as one of the King's bodyguards

7 July 1604

Meeting of Parliament ends with the King saying it will meet again on the 7 February 1605

7 February 1605

Meeting of Parliament postponed

March 1605

Robert Winter, John Grant and Christopher Wright now part of the plot. The conspirators lease the basement storeroom under the House of Lords and transfer the gunpowder from Percy's house

20 July 1605

Barrels of fresh gunpowder brought into the basement storeroom.

Late July 1605

Father Henry Garnett, head of the Jesuit mission in England, learns about the conspiracy through the confessional

28 July 1605

Meeting of Parliament postponed again 

29 September 1605

Ambrose Rookwood initiated into the conspiracy


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