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Further your research about the Glorious Revolution


The Journals of both the Lords and Commons for this period are available at British History Online

Anchitell Grey kept a diary of debates in the House of Commons from 1667 to 1694, which has been published in 10 volumes (1763) but is also online at British History Online

Primary sources

Primary documents on the Glorious Revolution can be found in the first part of:

E. Neville Williams, 'The Eighteenth-Century Constitution, 1688-1815' (Cambridge, 1960)

Mark Goldie, et al., eds. 'The Entring Book of Roger Morrice, 1677-91' (6 vols., London,2007)

Robert Beddard, 'A Kingdom without a king: the journal of the provisional government in the revolution of 1688'(Oxford, 1988)

Henry Horwitz, ed., 'The Parliamentary Diary of Narcissus Lutrell, 1691-3' (Oxford, 1972)

D.W. Hayton, 'The Parliamentary Diary of Sir Richard Cocks, 1698-1702' (Oxford, 1996)

Secondary sources

Tim Harris, 'Restoration: Charles II and his Kingdoms, 1660-85' and 'Revolution: The Great Crisis of the British Monarchy 1685-1720' (London, 2005)

John Miller, 'Popery and Politics in England 1660-88' (Cambridge, 1973)

Mark Knights, 'Politics and Opinion in Crisis, 1678-81' (Cambridge, 1994)

John Miller, 'James II' (London, 2nd edn.,1989)

J.R. Western, 'Monarchy and Revolution: the English state in the 1680s' (London, 1972)

W.A. Speck, 'Reluctant Revolutionaries' (Oxford, 1989)

Henry Horowitz, 'Parliament, Policy and Politics in the reign of William III' (Manchester, 1977)

Geoffrey Holmes, 'British Politics in the Age of Anne' (London, 2nd edn., 1987)

J. Brewer, 'The Sinews of Power: war, money and the English state 1688-1783' (London, 1989)

Lois G. Schwoerer ed, 'The Revolution of 1688-89: Changing Perspectives'(Cambridge, 2004)

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