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Dissolution of Parliament

The dissolution of Parliament took place on Thursday 30 May 2024. All business in the House of Commons and House of Lords has come to an end. There are currently no MPs and every seat in the Commons is vacant until after the general election on 4 July 2024.

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Official Record of the Trial of Charles I

This roll is entitled: "A Journall of the proceedings in the high Court of Justice erected by Act of the Commons... for the trying and judging of Charles Stewart King of England". It is signed by John Phelpes, Clerk to the Court. It concludes with a declaration by Henry Scobell (Clerk of the Parliaments) of 3 March 1651, that it is a true record of the proceedings of the trial. The roll is endorsed, "Brought into Par[liament] Office a[nno] 12 Caroli 2... produced at the arraignment".


Engrossment of the Official Record of the Trial of King Charles I


3 March 1651


Parchment roll of 29 membranes

Catalogue number

Parliamentary Archives, HL/PO/JO/10/14/11A