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From Manuscript Minute to Journal

These 17th Century documents show the relationship between the Manuscript Minutes and the Journal. The Minutes are the original record of proceedings in the House and formed the basis for the Journal. In this period they act as a valuable supplement to the Journal for the additional information they recorded. The extracts record the case of the Lord Treasurer, the Earl of Danby whose case of impeachment was a cause of contention between both Houses.

Page 1: The House of Lords Manuscript Minutes for 1 April 1679, which record the Bill of Attainder for the Earl of Danby that the House of Commons had passed and that was being introduced to the House of Lords, whose members were less vehement in their condemnation of Danby for his indiscretions in a position of high office.


From Manuscript Minute to Journal


April-May 1679

Catalogue number

Parliamentary Archives, HL/PO/JO/5/1/21, HL/PO/JO/1/58