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John Edward Redmond (1856-1918)

John Edward Redmond was born in County Wexford, where his father was a Member of Parliament.  After studying law at university, Redmond went to Westminster to work in his father's office.  Here he began to attend the political meetings held by Charles Stuart Parnell, who would later become the Irish Nationalist leader.  In an 1881 by-election, Redmond gained the New Ross seat. On his first day at Parliament, he took his seat, made his maiden speech and was expelled from the House. In 1890, Redmond assumed leadership of the Irish Nationalist Parliamentary Party. His approach was more moderate than that of Parnell, reducing agrarian radicalism and adopting a softer approach to Irish Home Rule.  In 1912 he introduced the Third Home Rule Bill, which later became the Government of Ireland Act 1914.  At the outset of the First World War, Redmond was keen to send Irish troops to war with the British, and many Irish men did volunteer to fight. However the Easter Rising in 1916 ultimately led to the demise of Redmond's Irish Nationalist party. He died in March 1918.


Photograph of John Redmond


1886 - 1890

Catalogue number

Parliamentary Archives, PHO/4/2/2