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Letter from T P O'Connor to Lloyd George, 13 June 1916

Thomas Power O'Connor (1848-1929), politician and journalist, was born in Athlone Co. Westmeath on 5 October 1848. In 1885 he became MP for the Scotland Yard division in Liverpool. O'Connor was influential in both the Irish Parliamentary Party and the Liberal Party. He had a particularly good relationship with David Lloyd George. 

This document is a secret letter written by T P O'Connor to Lloyd George on 13 June 1916. In the letter O'Connor outlines his interpretation of public feeling in Dublin in the aftermath of the executions and government action. O'Connor discusses the character and religion of many of the executed men, the semi-religious aspect of the rebellion, the formation of secret societies and his belief that martial law should be withdrawn as wholesale arrests were increasing exasperation and hostility.


T P O'Connor, 5 Morpeth Mansions, SW, to Lloyd George (secret)


13 June 1916

Catalogue number

Parliamentary Archives, LG/D/14/2/35