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Letter from Walter Long to Bonar Law, 19 June 1916

Walter Hume Long (1854-1924) was a Conservative MP born in Bath on 13 July 1854. Long had familial Irish connections and he was very involved in Irish Unionism. He had been Chief Secretary for Ireland, leader of the Irish Unionist MPs and the Irish Unionist Alliance and chairman of the Ulster Unionist Council. He had also sat as a Unionist MP for Dublin South County.

This document is a letter from Walter Long when he was president of the Local Government Board in the coalition cabinet (1915-1916), to Bonar Law. It also encloses letters sent between Long and General J. C. Maxwell. Maxwell attracted criticism for his controversial handling of the Rising after arriving in Ireland on 28 April as military governor with plenary powers under martial law. The letters express concern over Neville Chamberlain's position as Inspector General of the Royal Irish Constabulary, the availability of weapons in Ireland and the increase in support for the insurgents. The letters provide an insight into Maxwell's view on the causes of the insurrection.


Walter Long, Local Government Board, to Bonar Law


19 June 1916

Catalogue number

Parliamentary Archives, BL/53/3/2