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House of Commons Hansard, 3 May 1916

In this extract from House of Commons Hansard, the Prime Minister reported that three signatories of the Republican Proclamation - Patrick Pearse, Thomas J. Clarke and Thomas MacDonagh - had been tried by court martial, found guilty and sentenced to death by firing squad. The executions had been carried out that morning on 3 May 1916.

On the same day, MPs also discussed the question of what action to take against Roger Casement. Additionally, Augustine Birrell, the English Liberal MP and Chief Secretary for Ireland (1907-1916), resigned due to the events of the rising, and John Redmond, leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party and Edward Carson, leader of the Ulster Unionist Party, gave speeches on the condition of Ireland since the insurrection.

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House of Commons Parliamentary Debates


3rd May 1916

Catalogue number

Hansard HC vol 82 3 May 1916 cc 30-39