Dublin Reconstruction (Emergency Provisions) Act

Dublin Reconstruction (Emergency Provisions) Act
  • Title: Dublin Reconstruction (Emergency Provisions) Act

  • Date : 22 December 1916

  • Catalogue number : Parliamentary Archives, HL/PO/PU/1/1916/6&7G5c66

  • Description :

    In July 1916 a delegation from Dublin City Corporation met the Prime Minister to ask for financial assistance to help them rebuild areas of Dublin that had been destroyed during the insurrection. Subsequently, during the summer of 1916 the Dublin Reconstruction (Emergency Provisions) Bill was introduced in Parliament. 

    The Dublin Reconstruction (Emergency Provisions) Act passed into law in December 1916 in order to rebuild areas of Dublin that had been destroyed during the Easter Rising. The Act gave the Dublin city architect the power to approve or reject plans to rebuild the city that were not consistent with the historic appearance of the main thoroughfares in the city.

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