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Lord Carnarvon's Speech in the Chamber

On the 19th February 1867, Lord Carnarvon introduced the Second Reading of the British North America Bill. He began his speech by stressing to his fellow Peers that this legislation, details 'one of the largest and most important measures which for many years has been the duty of any Colonial Minister in this country to submit to Parliament'.
Despite only taking the ministerial post the previous summer Carnarvon was a harbinger for change, advocating confederation over annexation to create a dominion status to the Crown. The following debate saw the Lords Chamber in agreement of the proceeding legislation uniting Upper Canada, Lower Canada, New Brunswick & Nova Scotia into one nation.
In a strange quirk of fate Carnarvon resigned from the Colonial Office in a Chamber address on March 4th over a dispute with the Government's electoral franchise reforms. While on the 29th of the same month, the British North America Bill was given Royal Assent.