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Captain Palliser's Report and Map

Captain John Palliser (1817-1887) was a geographer who hailed from County Meath, Ireland. After service in the military he participated in a hunting exploration among the native peoples of the American West that was chronicled in his book, ‘Adventures of a Hunter in the Prairies', published to much acclaim in 1853.
Later that decade, the Royal Geographic Society proposed to the Colonial Office that Palliser explore Canadian territory between Lake Superior and the Rocky Mountains, which was approved by Secretary of State for the Colonies, Henry Labouchere. His instructions to Palliser was to attain a general and scientific knowledge of the regions in areas of land, agriculture, coal and minerals.
This map shows the routes taken by the British North America expedition over its four year period. Despite a £13,000 budget that was three times the original estimate its findings provided the Government with invaluable evidence on the topographical and economic potential of the country.