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Nehru's Birthday Dinner Programme

Jawaharlal Nehru was born in Allahabad and educated at Harrow School in England and later Trinity College, Cambridge. In 1919 Nehru joined the Indian National Congress, then led by Mahatma Gandhi who subsequently became his mentor. In 1928 Nehru became president of the congress and joined Gandhi in many protests against British rule. Whilst the two worked closely towards Indian self-government the two men believed in different methods. Inspired by western socialist thinking, Nehru did not share Gandhi's focus on non-violence and use of religious rhetoric. Instead Nehru preferred to work towards forming a secular Indian state and society. After World War Two demands for Indian Independence increased and the British Labour Government bowed to pressure, assigning Lord Mountbatten to the task. Despite Nehru's disagreement with partition, he worked closely with Lord Mountbatten to finalise India's Independence from Britain and in 1947 became independent India's first Prime Minister.

Programme and letter regarding Nehru's Birthday Dinner organised by the National Committee for India's Freedom


November 1946

Catalogue number

Parliamentary Archives, HC/LB/1/124/3/1