1947 Indian Independence Act

1947 Indian Independence Act
  • Title: An Act to make provision for the setting up in India of two independent Dominions, to substitute other provisions for certain provisions of the Government of India Act, 1947

  • Date : 18th July 1947

  • Catalogue number : Parliamentary Archives, HL/PO/PU/1/1947/10&11G6c30

  • Description :
    The Indian Independence Act was passed in 1947. The act created two new independent dominions; India and Pakistan. Pakistan was split into Pakistan and East Pakistan which is now Bangladesh. The Bengal and Punjab provinces were partitioned between the two new countries. These dominions separated the Muslim, Hindu and Sikh population and caused the biggest forced migration which has ever happened that was not the result of war or famine. The Act repealed the use of ‘Emperor of India’ as a title for the British Crown and ended all existing treaties with the princely states. Lord Mountbatten continued as Governor-General and Jawaharlal Nehru was appointed India’s first Prime Minister, Muhammad Ali Jinnah became Pakistan’s Governor-General and Liaquat Ali Khan its Prime Minster. The 15th August 1947 has since become celebrated as India’ and Pakistan’s Independence Day.

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In January 1946 Parliament sent a delegation to India to meet leading politicians. One member was the Labour MP Reginald Sorensen whose many photographs recording his trip can be seen in the Parliamentary Archives.

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