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Letter from the King

Edward VII took a keen interest in political affairs. In 1909 he found himself in an extremely awkward position as he was suffering from bronchitis, yet could not avoid playing an active role in finding a solution to this budget crisis. In this letter, the King explained that though he did not fundamentally agree with the Budget proposals he still admired the principals of the Liberal policy and the inevitability of the Budget being passed regardless of the constitutional upheaval.

Page 1: Written on the headed notepaper of his yacht which was moored in Cowes for the summer of 1909, the King stresses the previous cordial relations between himself and Lloyd George. He states that he has no opinion on the Budget itself but is concerned with the language used by Lloyd George at Limehouse, especially the predominant use of class diatribes.


Letter from Edward VII to Lloyd George, Chancellor of the Exchequer


7 August 1909

Catalogue number

Parliamentary Archives, LG/C/5/5/2