Letter from Lloyd George

Letter from Lloyd George
  • Title: Letter from David Lloyd George, to King Edward VII

  • Date : 5 August 1909

  • Catalogue number : Parliamentary Archives, LG/C/5/5/1

  • Description :

    In the aftermath of the Limehouse speech, Prime Minister Asquith met King Edward VII where the King stated his great agitation and annoyance regarding the speech. Lloyd George wrote to the King to defend his actions, showing a subtle stubbornness in respect of his budgetary ambitions.

    Page 1: The King had expressed his disapproval of the Limehouse speech to Prime Minister Asquith when they met in Cowes on 3 August 1909. Two days later Lloyd George wrote to the King to express his regret at the royal disapproval and to explain his actions in the heated Budget debate.

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