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Correspondence between Viscountess Rhondda & John St. Loe Strachey, Editor of the Spectator, 1922 - page 3

Lady Rhondda started a correspondence with John St. Loe Strachey, editor of the Spectator, after the Committee for Privileges had initially found in Lady Rhondda's favour. and when it appeared she would be able to sit in the Lords. 

Strachey begins, "May I congratulate you most sincerely on your victory in the matter of your Peerage?" Rhondda's reply shows she was rightly cautious: "I am not in the House of Lords yet, in spite of the Committee of Privileges, and I am afraid the Lord Chancellor is going to move against me".

Strachey subsequently suggests that if she cannot sit in the Lords, she should challenge why she was disqualified from sitting in the Commons. Rhondda is not enthusiastic, writing, "You see I was for twenty years the daughter of a private MP, and during that period I came to feel that the lot an ordinary Member of Parliament is a very dull one, that he is badly overworked, and has practically no power.

There is the further difficulty that I belong to no Party, and dislike the idea of attaching myself to any, which one must certainly do if one wished to have any chance of getting into the House of Commons."

Strachey then explained he saw it as a way of challenging her exclusion from the Lords. However Lady Rhondda never tried this approach.