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Key dates

1729 - Bribery Act
Passed to address corruption in elections

1776 - Motion by John Wilkes MP for parliamentary reform

1832 - Representation of the People Act (the first 'Reform Act')
Extends vote to men meeting property qualification, reduces 'rotten boroughs' and redistributes Parliamentary seats to better represent urban areas

1867 - Representation of the People Act (the second 'Reform Act')
Extends vote to urban working men meeting property qualification

1872 - Ballot Act
Introduces the secret ballot at elections

1883 - Corrupt and Illegal Practices Act 1883
Effectively ended serious corruption in British elections

1884 - Representation of the People Act (the third 'Reform Act')
Addresses imbalance between men's votes in boroughs and counties

1885 - Redistribution Act
Boundaries redrawn to produce equal electoral districts. Single member seats become the norm

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