Events and other uses

Feasts and banquets

What was Westminster Hall first used for? Learn about the grand feasts and banquets which were once held in the Hall

Coronation banquets

Painting depicting George IV's coronation banquet in Westminster Hall in July 1821

What were the coronation banquets in Westminster Hall like? Find out more about these magnificent feasts in honour of newly-crowned monarchs

A spectacular coronation

Westminster Hall during the celebrations after the Coronation of James II in 1685, showing the Serving of the First Course

Some coronations banquets in Westminster Hall were extravagant affairs. Discover what occurred during James II's magnificent coronation feast in 1685

Disguisings in the Hall

Westminster Hall was used for disguisings during the early Tudor period. What were these special events, and why where they held?

Political displays

Westminster Hall has witnessed numerous power intrigues over the centuries. Find out more about some key political events which have taken place in the Hall

Parliament and petitioners

How did Westminster Hall become the centre of political gossip and petitioning during the late 17th century?

Shops and stalls

An illustration of Westminster Hall in 1738 with bookshops and stalls

How did Westminster Hall become one of the chief centres of London life by the reign of Richard II? Read about the shops and stalls in the Hall over the centuries

The Hall in the 19th and 20th centuries

What were Westminster Hall's new uses during this period?

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