Government and administration

Centre of administration

How did Westminster Hall become the administrative centre of 12th century England?

Early law courts

Westminster Hall was the centre of the English legal system for almost seven centuries. Find out how the early judicial system was shaped by this magnificent building

Later law courts

Work of art showing William Kent designed Gothic screen and partitions which were erected in 1739 when the Law Courts were sitting at the south end of the Hall

What happened to the law courts at Westminster Hall from the 17th century?

Early state trials

Westminster Hall has been the setting for some of the greatest state trials in English history. Find out more about the early state trials that were held within the Hall until the end of the 16th century.

The trial of Charles I

An image depicting the trial of Charles I in Westminster Hall

One of the most momentous events ever to take place in Westminster Hall was the state trial of Charles I in 1649. Find out what occurred during the trial

Later state trials

What were the major state trials which took place in Westminster Hall between the 17th and 19th centuries?

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Find out more about the important moments in the history of Westminster Hall

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