Early history

Part of the Palace of Westminster with Westminster Hall in the foreground

Why was Westminster Hall built? Find out more about the fascinating early history of the Hall

The King's Seat and Table

Fragments from the King's Table

What were the King's Seat and Table? Who used them? Learn about these medieval symbols of royal authority

The hammer-beam roof

Photograph of Westminster Hall's hammer-beam roof

What makes the roof of Westminster Hall so special? Find out about the Hall's magnificent 14th-century roof

Richard II and the statues

How did Richard II transform Westminster Hall into an expression of sacred kingship?

Reconstruction and the fire of 1834

Watercolour drawing showing the interior of Westminster Hall during the fire of 1834

What restoration works were carried out to Westminster Hall during the 18th and 19th centuries? And how did the Hall survive the great fire of 1834?

Restoration in 19th and 20th centuries

How did death-watch beetle pose a significant threat to the ancient fabric of the Hall? Find out more about the restoration of Westminster Hall since the fire of 1834

The Second World War and after

Discover how Westminster Hall survived an air raid at the height of the Blitz during the Second World War

Art in Parliament

View images from the Parliamentary Art Collection.

Also within Living Heritage

The present-day Palace of Westminster, or the Houses of Parliament as it is also known, was constructed after a great fire in 1834. Find out more about its architecture and the history of the buildings that stood on the estate before the fire.

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Find out more about the important moments in the history of Westminster Hall