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From the Reformation to 1834

The Commons Chamber 16th Century

How did the configuration of St Stephen's Chapel influence our present two-party system of government versus opposition? Find out more about the first permanent home of the House of Commons

The Commons Chamber 17th and 18th centuries

How did the Chapel of St Stephen's change over decades of use by the Commons? Discover how Sir Christopher Wren converted the medieval chapel into a classical building

Wyatt's improvements to Palace 1799

The medieval Palace of Westminster was rapidly transformed from the 18th century onwards. Explore this fascinating phase of Palace development

The House of Lords 1801-1834

What was the Court of Requests, and how did it become one of the homes of the House of Lords?

Soane's improvements 1824-1827

John Soane built the Royal Gallery of the old Palace of Westminster in 1823-4. Find out more about the history of this room

Destruction By Fire, 1834

Learn how the medieval Palace of Westminster was continuously threatened by fire over the centuries and how it was eventually devastated by the Great Fire of 1834