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Contemporary letter describing the 1834 fire

Frances Rickman was daughter of John Rickman (1771-1840), Clerk Assistant in the Commons 1820-1840. Frances had a sister Ann (born 1808), and a brother (plus another sister Martha who died in infancy in 1810). Her mother was Susannah Postlethwaite whom John had married in 1805.

At the time of the 1834 fire the family were living in a red brick house in New Palace Yard, on the site of the present members' entrance. Ann Rickman was visiting her uncle in Chichester, hence the letters sent to her.

Page 1 - Letter from Frances to her sister Ann describing the fire which has broken out at the Palace and is still burning. Manuscript, ink on paper.


Letter from Frances Rickman to her sister


20 October 1834

Catalogue number

Catalogue Number: Parliamentary Archives, RIC/3