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Elizabeth Tower facts

Here are some of the fascinating facts and figures about the Elizabeth Tower

Dimensions: over 96 metres and 12 metres square
Steps to belfry: 334
Steps to lantern (the Ayrton Light): 399

Amount of stone used: 850 cubic metres
Amount of bricks used: 2600 cubic metres

Number of floors: 11

Locations of building materials:
Anston, Yorkshire
Caen, Normandy, France
Clipsham, Rutland (for restoration work in 1983-5)

Big Ben guide book

big ben security image.jpg

This book tells the story of the iconic tower, the Great Clock and bell which became known as 'Big Ben'. Contains over 130 images and illustrations.

Big Ben guide book

Virtual tours of Parliament

Take an interactive tour up the Elizabeth Tower. Move from room to room, view 360 degree images and investigate highlighted objects