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The Palace before 1834

Collaboration with University of York

The University of York's project explores the history, art and architecture of the royal chapel which became the first dedicated House of Commons. This website provides access to the 3D visualizations modelled from our research.

The Great Fire of 1834

At 6pm, on 16 October 1834, Mrs Wright heard the terrified wife of a doorkeeper screaming that the House of Lords was on fire. In no time, the flames had spread to the rest of the Palace.

The Middle Ages

The key moments in the history of the Palace of Westminster, from its founding by the Anglo-Saxon kings to the Wars of the Roses.

From the Reformation to 1834

Important dates in the history of the Palace of Westminster, from the Tudors to its destruction in the Great Fire of 1834.

Archive collections 1834

Explore the Parliamentary collections for documents and images about the fire which burned down Parliament in 1834.

Art collection 1834

Explore artwork of the Great Fire of 1834.