Northern Estate

The Parliamentary Estate extends beyond the Palace of Westminster and covers historic and listed buildings north of Bridge Street.

The Northern Estate Programme (NEP) is managing the refurbishment and redevelopment of a number of buildings on Parliament’s Northern Estate, aiming to deliver an estate with increased environmental performance, and improved security, safety and accessibility.

Ahead of the restoration and renewal of the Palace of Westminster, NEP will develop additional space and facilities required for the House of Commons to temporarily move out of the Palace, including an operational chamber, committee rooms, and House support services. You can find out more about the proposals at



Canon Row

The site of Canon Row, along with the buildings that stand there now, have a long and interesting history.

Derby Gate

1 Derby Gate was built as the Whitehall Club a Victorian gentleman’s club house, now provides office space Parlimentary staff and the Commons Library

Norman Shaw North

Norman Shaw North from the Embankment

Norman Shaw North is a Grade I listed building which was opened in 1890 as the administrative headquarters for the Metropolitan Police Commissioner. Today it houses offices for MPs and their staff, and other Parliamentary services.

Norman Shaw South

Norman Shaw South provide office space for MPs and their staff and was built in the 1890s.

Parliament Street

The buildings on Parliament Street provide office space for MPs and their staff, with some of the buildings dating back to the eighteenth-century.

Portcullis House

Portcullis House opened in February 2001 to provide new offices for Members of Parliament and their staff

Richmond Terrace and House

Richmond Terrace 1828 antique print

This building became part of the Parlimentary Estate in January 2018, and will provide additional accommodation in the future.

Virtual tours of Parliament

Explore an exhibition of Gerald Scarfe political caricatures in Portcullis House.