World War II

Stained glass window, Westminster Hall

The stained glass window in St Stephen's Porch is the main memorial to members and staff of both Houses, including police officers, who died in the Second World War.

House of Lords memorial, Royal Gallery

The House of Lords memorial commemorates those who died in the First World War and Second World War.

House of Lords book of remembrance

Book of remembrance to Peers, Lords of Parliament and Officers of the House of Lords and their sons from the Second World War who died.

House of Commons book of remembrance

This book of remembrance commemorates MPs, and their sons and daughters killed in the Second World War.

Press Gallery commemoration board

This board is dedicated to members of the Parliamentary Press Gallery.

Dunkirk timber

Timber from the jetty used during the evacuation of Dunkirk by the British Expeditionary Force.

Sand from Normandy Landings

A wooden box containing sand from beaches used at the Normandy Landings.

Heraldic shields to MPs, Second World War

There are 42 heraldic shields in the House of Commons Chamber commemorating each of the MPs killed during both World Wars.