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Russian Salver

This salver, together with a small matching salt cellar, were presented by the Mayor of St. Petersburg on behalf of the people of the city to a visiting British Delegation on 25 January 1912. The delegation was led by Lord Weardale who presented the salver and salt cellar to the Speaker of the House of Commons, Rt. Hon. James W. Lowther. The salver is 52cm in diameter and is decorated all over with cloisonné enamel decoration. This sort of decoration involves creating small compartments from thin strips of metal and then filling the areas with different coloured enamels. This piece is decorated with intricate flowers and around the four outer turquoise plaques is the double-headed eagle. This bird was associated with Russia from the 1400s until 1917. The plaque at the top of the salver shows the coat of arms for the city of St. Petersburg.