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Speaker's Chair

The Speaker's chair was destroyed in the Second World War bombings. Luckily a replica of Pugin's gothic creation was given by The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association to Australia in 1926. A new chair was created based on the one in Australia and presented to the British Parliament. The Latin inscription on the chair translates as: “The hand that deals justly is a sweet smelling ointment. A heedful and faithful mind is conscious of righteousness. Justice is influenced neither by entreaties nor gifts. Liberty lies in the laws. Envy is the enemy of honour. Praise be to God.” “The Gift of Australia” is inscribed across the back of the chair. It is made of Blackbean wood from Northern Queensland, Australia and is over 13 feet high.

The chair was made by H.H. Martyn & Co. Ltd., of Cheltenham, England. The royal coat of arms and canopy were carved by Charles Gisborne, B.E.M. The canopy of silk damask with gold thread was created by Watts & Co., of Westminster.