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Hall Chair

This type of hall chair was designed by AWN Pugin and used in his own home. It may have been created for his first home St Marie's Grange in Salisbury in the 1830s and then moved to his second home in Ramsgate, called The Grange. This design was originally for a stool but at some point Pugin must have decided it would also make a good chair.

Three of these chairs were acquired by the Houses of Parliament in 1983 along with a number of other original Grange furniture pieces including tables and mirrors. They are much plainer than a lot of the other furniture in the Palace of Westminster. This links which Pugin's writings where he explains his strong belief that objects should be fitting for their environment. Therefore his own chairs for his private domestic residence he designed in a much simpler way than many of the more elaborate chairs in, for example, the Palace of Westminster.

The chairs are not currently on the visitor route.