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Allocation of Work in the House of Lords Record Office 1953

The Parliamentary Archives of today successfully incorporates the modern requirements of an Archive such as Electronic Data Records Management, historical document digitisation and outreach activities with the more traditional forms of Archival procedure such as Public Services and conservation of the records.

Back in 1953, the Parliamentary Record Office operated on a much smaller scale as highlighted by this office circular of staff objectives concerning its Public Search Room and Bindery, both established with the office's inception seven years previously. The circular also details the publication of Historical Manuscript calendars by Clerk of the Records, Maurice Bond while his assistant Elisabeth Poyser reorganised the deposited railway plans.

Reference is made to now antiquated practices such as maintenance of card indexes and santrobrite usage in record preservation. Its final entry makes a request to hire an Assistant to help supervise the Victoria Tower reconstruction which began in 1948. This post was taken by future Clerk of the Records, Harry Cobb.